Fiber Cement Board factory

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Fiber Cement Board factory

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Fiber Cement Board for Exterior Wall with good features like lightweight, high strength, fireproof, waterproof heat insulation and easy to be machined, fiber cement board is favorable all over the world.
Fiber cement board, using high quality fiber and mineral substances as main content,was made with forming by advanced technique & technological process & through high temperature & high pressure maintenance & special treatment. It does not contain any of asbestos fiber, however, it has strong bending strength like those with asbestos.
It can be applied not only for the interior use but also for exterior wall system. It has low water absorption rate and high impact resistant ability. These good advantages make it suitable for any purposes of applications.

Product NameFiber cement board
Moisture Content≤10%
Water Absorbing≤55%
Thermal ConductivityAverage ≤0.20W/MK
Bending StrengthTransverse ≥11.0M/mm3
Vertical ≥8.5N/mm3
Non-combustiblePSB GB8624 Grade A

Packing: Fiber Cement Board factory

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Fiber Cement Board factory

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i am currently in the planning stage for building a house on Koh Tao.
A friend suggested to use fiber cement panels or -boards on a steel structure instead of cement or brick walls and
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