Piston Rod

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Piston Rod

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The external appearance of chromium-plated tube looks more bright. It has high performance in oxidation and rust resistance and can resist high temperature. It can be widely applied in tube for piping, thermal equipment, mechanical industry, petroleum geological drilling and chemical industry etc.

The main technical parameters:

Material: high quality stainless steel
Outer diameter tolerance: f7-f8 (other tolerances can be customized)
Surface roughness: Ra0.2-0.4
Hard chrome thickness: 0.015-0.025mm
Surface hardness: HV700-11

Scope of application:

Applicable to all kinds of cylinders, cylinders, piston rods, packaging, woodworking, textile, printing and dyeing machinery, die-casting machines, injection molding machines, and other mechanical guides, ejector pins, etc.Piston Rod